After many years of working with mixed media and egg tempera, I've rediscovered my love for oil painting.  As I pass fifty years of age I am more aware of the paradox of life, the perishable nature of the physical body, and the everlasting spirit that resides there. The juxtaposition of personal adornments with the natural landscape informs my work. The inner and an outer world, fabrics and the land, shoes and the sagebrush. I've been painting images from clothes hanging in my closet and combining them with skies, clouds, fallen leaves, branches and stars. Nature eventually ravages the objects we consider precious and then discards them. A fate which cannot be escaped. I am inspired by moments of hope, the in-between spaces, and that which
is left behind by time.

 Downy Doxey-Marshall

 exhibition 2016

downy doxey artist